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By Edward Blum

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The e-book spotlight the real-world results of the alterations to part five of the vote casting Rights Act. Edward Blum attracts on public documents, press bills, and large own interviews with nation and native officers to bare the transformation of the VRA from a legislations maintaining balloting rights to a gerrymandering device used to extra the electoral clients of incumbent politicians of all races.

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Even though the congressional plan produced only one competitive district out of eight, it was configured in a way that allowed for the creation of a second Hispanic majority-minority district, since Arizona had been reapportioned two new congressional seats after the 2000 census. 20 Once again, Prop 106’s requirement to create competitive SAFE-SEATS-FOR-LIFE IN ARIZONA 25 districts collided with the minority protection provisions of the Voting Rights Act. Following the mandate of Prop 106, the commission’s experts were instructed to divide the state into quadrants that eventually were tailored into thirty grid-like squares, each representing one of Arizona’s legislative districts.

20 34 UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF SECTION 5 The first election to take place after the new lines were approved was in November 2003. Phil Scarborough, the white Republican who had defeated Eddie West during the 1999 biosolids uproar, was defeated by Van H. Petty, a black Democrat. In fact, once again, all but one of the incumbents were thrown out. ”23 Yet in the Cumberland County, Virginia, case, the Department of Justice’s voting rights section apparently did not consider that local issues might lead to the election of one candidate over another.

27 Undeterred, Minkoff asked the Democratic attorney on the commission, José Rivera, to accompany her to a meeting of the movers and shakers in the Hispanic community, where she begged them to accept lower concentrations of Hispanic voters so that more competitive districts could be drawn. She found a sympathetic ear with Pete Rios, a Democratic state representative. 28 26 UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF SECTION 5 Although she was not completely successful, in the end, with the help of Rios, the final map reduced the percentages of Hispanics in some of the Hispanic majority-minority districts by a few points.

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