The Xanadu Adventure (Vesper Holly) - download pdf or read online

By Lloyd Alexander

ISBN-10: 0142407860

ISBN-13: 9780142407868

Vesper and her neighbors are crusing off to the newly stumbled on archeological website of Troy. yet risk is shut behind—and the social gathering is tricked and imprisoned in a superb palace known as Xanadu. Xanadu’s grasp is none except Vesper’s archenemy, Dr. Helvitius, who has a diabolical scheme to dominate the realm. His first target is to smash Vesper, who has thwarted him as soon as too usually. get away turns out very unlikely. but when somebody can do it, Vesper can!

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He turned to Dionescu, silent throughout this conversation. I myself had been too shocked at finding Helvitius well and thriving to absorb the full impact of Dionescu's duplicity. Above all, what cut me to the quick was our betrayal by a celebrated author. "I expected you sooner. " Helvitius spoke in a tone that caused the wretch's mustache to wilt, while his chin sank into his collar. Sweating, Dionescu stammered out the reasons for his delay. "You should have brought them to me directly," Helvitius said.

From that moment, the fate of Miss Vesper Holly was in my hands. "I admit there were trivial errors," Helvitius continued. "Unbeknownst to your worthy Captain Fergus, one of my hirelings signed on as a crew member. His orders were to sink the freighter. He failed to do so. " "We smelt some kind of jiggery-pokery afoot," muttered Slider. Smiler nodded. " I exclaimed. " "A necessary sacrifice," Helvitius replied. "No plan is without cost. Incidental expenses, if you will. Whether the crew survived was a matter of complete indifference to me.

I pleaded to return to Dionescu's camp. To my surprise and dismay, Dionescu grew close to peevish. He argued it would take as long to go back to the seacoast as it would to press on to our destination. I was too sick to debate with him. I barely had strength to ask Mary if she had brought my medical kit. "Of course, dear Brinnie," she said. " I gasped. "The brown flask. " She was back in what seemed an hour but was surely only a few moments. "Brinnie," she said, "I find nothing like it. " I groaned.

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