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By Waldo E. Cohn, Kivie Moldave

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BLACKMAN our rearrangements are between polytene regions already occupied by hobo elements. Second, the nearer two hobo elements are to one another, the more likely they are to be involved in a rearrangement. , confined to a single chromosome arm). We have recovered rearrangements involving as many as nine breakpoints, all of which are confined to chromosome arm 2L, where the d p p locus resides. This last generalization cannot be explained by the distribution of hobo elements in the dpp+ORS strains.

R. S. Singh and L. R. Rhomberg, Genetics 115,313 (1987). 38. T. Mukai and 0. Yamaguchi, Genetics 82,63 (1974). 39. W. R. Engels and C. R. Preston, Genetics 107,657 (1984). 40. M. D. Mikus and T. D. Petes, Genetics 101,369 (1982). 41. G. S. Roeder, MGG 190, 117 (1983). 42. M. L. Shen, W. J. Gehring, and M. M. Green, PNAS 80,5017 (1983). 43. P. S. Davis, M. W. Shen, and B. H. Judd, PNAS 84, 174 (1987). 44. C. W. -K. J. Shen, in “Molecular Evolutionary Genetics” (R. J. ), p. 323. Plenum, New York, 1985.

Skeletal stains of hind limb regions of Zgl (A) and wild-type (B) mice are shown. Only the femurs are present in mutant hind limbs. FIG. 4. Forelimb malformations of ZgZ mice: At one end (A) is a wild-type forelimb, and at the other (E) is the most extreme malformationobserved, with missing radius and paw, although the ulna is present and normal. Intermediate manifestations (B-D) are also shown. 18 Control *I *9 510 iI " 1' i 517 1/I1 *23 et aE. S. 5. Shown is the range of forelimb malformations observed in ZgZ mice.

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